The Goddess of Revenge

Nemesis is known in the English dictionary as the enemy. In Greek history, she is a God who can’t stay away from doing bad things. She even appeared in the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians as the Goddess of Revenge. She is definitely not the person you would want to get mad with. She is not the type who will forgive you right away. You would not want to get on her bad side so do good things she would appreciate.

Philip Roth also wrote a book that was titled Nemesis but the Greek Goddess was never mentioned nor was a god from even though revenge was the theme in the book. It is apparent Nemesis is not a word a lot of people want to hear especially if you want to spread the power of positivity because it is a new day, yes it is. Getting revenge on somebody depends on the actual sin done to you. If it is a grave sin then everyone will be happy you did it. There are also those people who would argue that no matter how anybody would do harm to you, you should not get revenge.

Nemesis is known as a goddess with wings and she always carries a whip or dagger as a weapon. That does not mean she is always ready to go to war but it simply means she just wants to protect herself since women are the weaker gender. She is also depicted as a petite lady but overlooking her would be the biggest mistake you will ever make. It became apparent that she existed prior to Zeus as she has a look similar to a lot of other goddesses like Rhea and Artemis. It would be hard to differentiate one girl from the other if you would take a look at all of them at the same time. Nemesis is one goddess that is still remembered up until this time. She made a very lasting impression on the Greek Gods and struck fear into the eyes of most of them. It does not mean that’s a bad thing. It just means she is just being herself.