Goddess of Rhamnous

She was also known as the Goddess of Rhamnous so she was honored there. In fact, the people who are from Rhamnous which is somewhere in Eastern Attica, really know her well. It is possible that they have a subject in school for kids that is all about her. She deserves it though because she is smart and cunning. She knows what to say and when to say it. It is something that not everyone possesses so better appreciate those who are doing it. There are times when people used to describe her as the daughter of Zeus or Oceanus.


Those Greek Gods are really popular and it is doubtful they are connected with her though since Zeus lived after her. In some mythology, it is said that Nemesis produced two sets of eggs that end up producing Helen of Troy. There are so many theories as to how Helen of Troy came to be and this is just one of them. Overall, Nemesis is not a familiar name among those who are not familiar with the Greek Gods. The popular ones remain to be Zeus, Helen of Troy and Leda. It is obvious that won’t bother Nemesis too much.

She is more concerned with being the biggest attraction grabber among the Greek Gods and Goddesses. She definitely wants things done her way or she will make a fuss about it.